20 February 2010

NBC: Hit the Road; Conan: Maybe I Will

NY Daily News

Conan O'Brien, former NBC 'Tonight Show' host, may take show on the road for live tour

Conan O'Brien was told to hit the road by NBC and he might just do that.

The former "Tonight" host, whose exit deal barred him from TV appearances for several months, is weighing a tour that would take him directly to his fans, according to a person familiar with the proposal.

Details are unsettled, the person said, but O'Brien may perform live at U.S. venues, including college campuses, or head to Europe.

An O'Brien spokesman declined comment.

The tour could be a prelude to a new talk show for the comedian, who left "Tonight" last month when NBC tried to bump him to a midnight slot.

Possibilities include Fox, which expressed interest.

Jay Leno reclaims "Tonight" next month.

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