14 June 2010

BP Buying Search Ads to Improve Image

USA Today

Google, Bing and Yahoo are seeing a windfall stemming from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. British Petroleum has begun posting sponsored advertisements that turn up in search queries related to the unfolding ecological disaster.

BP is paying to show up as the top sponsored ad when you type search queries such as "BP news," "oil spill" and "oil spill claims." The sponsored links take you to a special BP webpage brimming with images, news updates and videos of clean up efforts.

The embattled oil company "could be spending a million dollars a month depending on how broadly they've defined the keywords they're purchasing," says Kevin Lee, CEO of search consultancy DidIt.com.

Matthew Whiteway, Director of Campaign Management at search marketing agency Greenlight, calls BP's online reputation-management campaign "a PR masterstroke."

Vanessa Fox, author Marketing in the Age of Google, notes that it has long been common practice in times of crisis for companies to use PR outreach. "More and more, consumers are turning directly to search engines to get information so paid search ads can be a much more direct way for companies to connect with the audience they are trying to get their message out to," says Fox.

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