17 August 2010

DISH Network iPad App Works as Remote Control

PC Mag

On Thursday, DISH Network took its Apple iPhone app to the iPad, allowing users to program and directly control their DISH DVRs.

The free app, available form the Apple iTunes App Store, already has been released in a version for the iPod touch and iPhone. In that form, the app can be used as a means to program the DVR, browse a schedule of shows, and adding and deleting programs. The app is compatible with most DISH receivers.

The iPad version adds a new twist, remote control, allowing a user who is unwilling or unable to find his DVR remote to control the DVR via the tablet.

"At DISH Network, we are excited about the potential of tablet computers - like the Apple iPad - to enhance the TV viewing experience and enable consumers to remain connected to their TVs everywhere," said Vivek Khemka, vice president of Customer Technology for DISH Network, in a statement.

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