03 November 2009

CNN Launches Mideast News Center

from WorldScreen

ABU DHABI: CNN has opened its new news-gathering and production hub in the Middle East, which will host the global network's first daily live news show from the region.

Tony Maddox, the managing director and executive VP of CNN International, officially opened CNN Abu Dhabi today alongside Phil Kent, the chairman and CEO of Turner Broadcasting System, and Christiane Amanpour, chief international correspondent. “The Middle East has played a significant role in CNN’s heritage and is part of our DNA, two of our earliest bureaus were in Cairo and Jerusalem,” said Maddox. “This region unquestionably plays an integral part in world affairs, and the new hub in Abu Dhabi gives us the opportunity to get to the heart of the rich and diverse stories across the political, business, social and cultural spectrums.”

“The establishment of a permanent broadcast and production centre in the Middle East by CNN is a significant and unique move by a Western news broadcaster,” he continued. “It gives CNN a powerful base from which to coordinate seven regional bureaus and showcase a new daily news show from the Middle East.”

The facility in Abu Dhabi will coordinate newsgathering for the seven CNN operations in the region—Baghdad, Beirut, Cairo, Dubai, Jerusalem, Kabul and Islamabad—with a staff of more than two dozen. Built as a fully high-definition and online production facility, CNN Abu Dhabi houses a four-camera digital studio with 24/7 live capability, edit suites and fully integrated newsroom.

With CNN Abu Dhabi the network launches its first daily live news show from the Middle East, Prism, hosted by Stan Grant. Also due to be produced at CNN Abu Dhabi are Inside the Middle East, now in its sixth year, and Marketplace Middle East, which launched two years ago.

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