06 May 2010

NBC: Conan Lied on '60 Minutes'

NY Daily News

Conan O'Brien's appearance on "60 Minutes" Sunday has NBC seeing red.

The network is accusing CoCo of lying when he claimed NBC bought him out because Leno's severance package would have cost more, TMZ reports.

According to sources at NBC, Leno's severance package would have been equivalent to what O'Brien walked home with -- $32.5 million.

The network also took issue with Big Red's response to Steve Kroft's statement that "The Tonight Show" was losing money.

"I don't see how that's, I honestly don't see how that's possible," O'Brien told the “60 Minutes” interviewer. "It's really not possible.  It isn't possible."

NBC’s sources claim they had a discussion with O’Brien in which they told him the show would lose $5 million a year if he stayed on.

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