10 May 2010

Suggestive GOP ad Attacks Ohio Senate Dem Hopeful

Associated Press

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A national Senate Republican campaign committee's website is featuring a sexually suggestive political attack ad against an Ohio Democrat running for U.S. Senate, showing him shirtless in a provocative pose.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee's ad has drawn a barrage of decency and copyright complaints since its release this week.

It features an image of Ohio Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher bare-chested with one hand on his belly and the other out of camera range. The image oscillates as steamy saxophone music plays and a title reads: "He was more concerned about his job than yours."

Ohio newspapers dubbed the ad racy, tasteless and suggestive of masturbation.

YouTube pulled the spot from its website Thursday at the request of the Buckeye State Blog, an Ohio political blog that claimed rights to other pieces of video used in the ad. The ad drew 40,000 hits before it was pulled from the site, and Fisher campaign spokesman John Collins said the campaign saw an outpouring of online donations in an apparent backlash.

The shirtless image is taken from a few seconds from an on-camera conversation Fisher had with son, Jason, during the filming of a documentary on Ohio's 2006 gubernatorial campaign. Fisher already endured an earlier round of embarrassment over the scene when it was first posted online.

Collins said of the ad, "We invite the hundreds of thousands of Ohioans who have not only lost their shirts but also their jobs, their homes and their hopes in the Bush-Portman recession to join our campaign."
A committee spokeswoman says the group stands by the ad.

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